Cow Soup

Dave and I headed out to ‘eat where the locals eat’ in Battambang. This casual restaurant only serves one dish – Cow Soup.

Each table is equipped with a table-top gas burner, on which a pot of beef broth is heated. The broth comes with some beef and some meat balls already inside. Then a large tray of various meats, vegetables and noodles are brought to the table to be added to the pot of broth.

Pot of broth, beef and meatballs


The tray of add-ins included cow brain, cow ligaments, beef with egg yolk, and shrimp with egg yolk. All of the ingredients are added to the pot to cook and are then ladelled out into bowls for eating.

Cow brain and cow ligaments
Veggies and noodles to be added to the soup


Dave has done a fantastic job at exposing me to authentic Cambodian food throughout the tour. Most days, we have eaten local food and it has always been good.



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