Street Seafood

Since Hanoi, I can’t seem to get enough of Asian street food. I just enjoy the whole dining experience when it comes to street food. Tonight, I set out to find some street food for dinner and came across Sub Seafood, a street food vendor specialising in seafood.

I left the hotel thinking I’d have a quick dinner and then have an early night. As it turned out, I spent over two hours at Sub Seafood and made an evening out of enjoying their food. I enjoyed four different courses of food, along with two large bottles of Chang beer, for a total cost of less than 1,000TB (slightly more than $30). This is a bit expensive for Thailand, but 400Tb of the bill was for the five fresh oysters.

Whether eating fresh raw oysters from a street vendor was a good decision will be known in a day or two. On a positive note, I’m already on antibiotics from my last bout of a stomach bug!

Sub Seafood street food vendor
Fresh seafood on ice
Five HUGE fresh oysters to start
Second course – Tom Yum Gookn spicy shrimp soup
Chang beer from Thailand
Third course – shrimp with garlic
Fourth course – Fried pork ribs
Chef and waitress (husband and wife team??)


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