Sick as a Dog!

Well, that’s not the way I wanted to start the Golden Triangle motorcycle tour. I woke up feeling a bit nauseous, and things went downhill from there!

To avoid being too graphic, let me just say that liquids were being expelled at great speed from both ends of my body. The tiny breakfast I ate is now in the hotel flower bed. I couldn’t even keep water down when we had a rest stop. I totally skipped lunch because I was worried that anything else that I put into my body wouldn’t stay there for long. What a day.

Fortunately, Mr. Pay (part of Asian Motorcycle Adventures) came to my rescue by providing some Ciprofloxacin and also electrolytes that I could mix with water and sip slowly. Eventually, as the day wore on, I gradually began to feel somewhat better. At least I’d stopped ejecting fluids! Strangely, I’ve been taking a different antibiotic for the past five days or so, but it clearly has no impact on whatever his me today. I’m wondering whether I picked up bacteria from those fresh oysters two nights before.

Anyway, somehow, through all of this illness, I managed to ride my bike on the tour’s first day. There are seven of us in the tour group, plus our two leaders/guides. Three Canadians, one American, two Brits and me. I’m the slowest rider of the bunch when it comes to the tight bends! I can keep up in the towns or on the straights, but I fall back when the others are carving the corners. But I’m riding at my own pace, which is the safest thing to do. I catch up with the others once they stop for a break. And I’m enjoying riding the bends at my own pace.

In addition to my illness, there was another calamity this morning. Shortly after leaving the hotel, our tour leader set off at a brisk pace, splitting lanes, changing lanes, and trying to get through heavy traffic. Unfortunately, the three of us riders at the tail end were getting separated from the rest of the group. The road forked and I had no idea which way to go. Fortunately, I guessed correctly and two of us (positions 5 & 6) managed to meet up with the others. But we were missing a rider who was at the back of the pack. After a few phone calls were made, we discovered that our missing rider had attempted to hop a couple of kerbs to catch up. As he dropped down off a rather high kerb, it struck the oil pan under the bike, causing an oil leak. One bike damaged and out of the tour within the first hour! The rest of us pushed on with the planned route whilst our friend was escorted back to the tour office to pick up another bike. He had started the day with a Honda 500 but has now had to downgrade to a Kawasaki 250.

Our friend was back with us in time for lunch, at a restaurant alongside a large freshwater lake. Lunch included grilled tilapia fish and chicken – but I could only sip on water with electrolytes, trying to rehydrate.

Lunch time restaurant
Fish and chicken – that I couldn’t eat.
Our bikes parked up at lunchtime

By the time we reached our hotel in the town of Nan, at 5.30pm, I was feeling much better, but still somewhat under the weather. I managed to eat some simple food at dinner, and stuck to drinking only water. Now I just have to hope that nothing is ejected overnight!

The hotel wifi connection is very slow, and I need to get some sleep, so the selection of photos is sparse with this post. I’ll try to catch up later in the tour.

Tomorrow we have a long day on what we are promised are the best motorcycling roads in the world.



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