What a Difference a Day Makes!

After yesterday’s horrendous start to the motorcycle tour, I’m pleased to say that I am feeling much better today. Can’t say enough positive things about Cipro when it comes to treating stomach bugs.

We had an early start with ‘asses on seats and keys in the ignition’ at 7.30am. Reed had promised us some of the best motorcycling roads in the world, with four distinctly different segments, one after the other: ‘River Valley Road’, ‘Roller Coaster’, 1148 – Best Sportbike Road in Thailand and ‘Puchi Fa contour road’. A lot of good riding with a combination of sweeping curves and tight bends. Mostly good quality tarmac, but a couple of short segments of somewhat rough surface. The roads were excellent and the riding was very enjoyable. The scenery was excellent – but I only got fleeting glimpses, as I was concentrating on the road ahead of me!

An early morning stop to look at the fog in the valleys



Part way through the morning, we had a brief stop at a silver store run by members of the local hill tribes. Great spot to pick up some gifts!

Great bargains to be had in the Hill Tribes silver shop


After the early start to the day, we were ready for an early lunch around 11.30am, so we stopped at a place that is known for its excellent pork leg. We had pork with rice and then a noodle soup.

Pork leg with rice
Kitchen of the restaurant
Another rest stop with views
Pae – our fixer and a real gem!


A Thai cowboy preparing coconut drinks for us
Coconut smoothie
Phusang Waterfall


The balcony of my mountain-view bungalow for the night
A couple of the bungalows where we’re staying tonight
Overlook for post-ride beer and snacks
The view from our lodgings for the night

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. We have to leave at 5.00am so that we can watch the sunrise over the mountain. We will also be riding the steepest road in Thailand.


  1. Your trip in South East Asia looks and sounds amazing, Wow.
    My wife and I followed you from the Ukraine in to Russia in our truck in 2014 and your block then was very very helpful, it give us an indication as to what to expect in front of us, Thank you

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