Bangkok Food Tour Begins

I arrived in Bangkok this morning, after an 11.5 hour flight from Heathrow. Due to the time differences, I left London about 4.30pm and arrived in Bangkok at 10.00am the following day. With only two hours of sleep on the flight, the jet lag is going to catch up with me at some point.

I have rented a condo in the Sukhumvit area of the city for the month. It works out to be cheaper than a hotel room and comes with the added benefit of a fitness gym and a pool.

My Bangkok condo
Kitchen and bathroom end of the small condo
Condo pool
Part of the fitness gym (getting cleaned)

Unable to sleep in the afternoon, I headed out for an early dinner. I plan to eat lots of Thai street food on this visit, and will document much of it on the blog for you foodies. I got a great start today, when I headed to Thong Lor in the Ekamai district (just a few stops away on the BTS Skytrain.

The first stop was at a shop that I think is called Shatec (most of the signage on these places is in Thai – which I can’t read). Anyway, it is on Thong Lor, which is opposite Soi 38 and the GPS coordinates are N13 43.39691; W 100 34.66095.


I decided to go with Hoi-Tod, at the recommendation of the waitress. Hoi-Tod is a bit like an omelette but also includes bean sprouts and oysters.You can see the chef cooking some in the photo above.  It was aroy (delicious).

My Hoi-Tod

After a very enjoyable first course, I headed across the street and a bit further down the road to a noodle shop that has been in business since 1956. Again, I don’t know the name of the shop, but the GPS coordinates are N13 43.38592; W100 34.64813.

The noodle shop

At this little noodle shop, the menu is also in English. I ordered the Prawns in wontons, with pork and noodles in a soup (you can order the same dish on a plate instead of in soup). Once again, the dish was delicious.

Prawn in wontons, pork and noodles

As you can see from the signage, meals at the noodle shop cost between 40 and 100 Baht. There are currently 32 Baht to the US dollar.


Whilst I was enjoying my noodles, it started to pour down, reminding me that we are still in the rainy season at this time of year.

Passer-by try to protect himself from the rain

The following video clip shows the heavy rainfall outside the noodle shop.

Once the rain  slowed a bit, I made a dash to the Skytrain. By the time I got to my station, the rain had stopped.  Back at the condo and I still can’t sleep. Might have to go out for  beer. It’s been a good first day.



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