Soi 3 Street Food

Day two in Bangkok and I slept all the way through breakfast and lunch, getting up about 4.00pm, so I guess that was the effects of jet-lag. After a workout in the building’s gym, I headed out for more Thai street food.

Tonight, I stayed local to my condo in Sukhumvit and walked a few blocks to Soi 3 (side-street 3). A short distance along Soi 3, there is a small group of food carts with a couple of tables that are shared between them for diners. I opted for fried noodles (flat noodles) with pork, squid and shrimp at a cost of 60 Baht (just less than $2). Very tasty.

The ladies at the food cart, getting my dinner ready
The cart where I bought dinner tonight
Fried noodles with pork, squid and shrimp

As a dessert, I ordered a coconut frappe from an adjoining food cart that just sells blended drinks. Another very tasty selection.

Glass of coconut frappe to accompany my dinner
A Pad Thai cart in the same vicinity on Soi 3
An adjacent vendor selling fish dishes

With dinner taken care of, it will likely be a quiet night in the condo tonight.



  1. Hi Craig – thank you so much for sharing your travel experience. I am enjoying the journey – the food looks delicious – have a great evening – be safe.

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