On Nut Street Food Joint

Whilst I’ve been eating Thai street food from many different vendors, this place has drawn me for dinner three times now. It’s a little bit more sophisticated than many of the true street vendors because it has proper tables and chairs, positioned around a central pond with fountains. It has toilets and even has a large screen with football games projected onto it. I find it a very pleasant place to sit and eat on a budget.

The place is a bit like a food court, with several independent food vendors as well as a bar. You can select dishes from any of the vendors and mix-and-match if you wish. If you are ‘eating in’, the vendors will bring the food to your table (just order first and then go and find a vacant table). There are wait-staff from the bar at the opposite end who will come to the table and take drink orders. As I said, quite fancy for a street food place.

This ‘food court’ is located on Sukhumvit, adjacent to the ‘up escalator’ for the On Nut Skytrain station (on the opposite side of the road to the Tesco Lotus supermarket).

Entrance to the ‘food court’
Most of the food vendors are in this section, near the entrance
Cockles, fish and prawns/shrimp for sale at this stall
Cooking in progress – possibly a Pad Thai
Tables are arranged around a central pond with fountains
View from the opposite side of the pond
The bar located to the rear of the ‘food court’

I try to sample different dishes where I can, rather than eating the same thing repetitively. For tonight’s dinner, I opted for Laab (aka Lap or Lab) with Spicy Catfish. It was OK, but not my favourite. But it only cost 60 Baht (just under $2), whilst my pint of draft Heineken cost more than twice that amount at 150 Baht.

Laab with Spicy Catfish and a pint of draft Heineken

Here’s a short video clip that should give an idea of what the place is like:


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