Love Scene Snakehead

The Love Scene is a bit of a hidden restaurant that I came across on Soi 23 in Sukhumvit, a couple of nights ago. The shop front gives no indication of what lies behind it. There’s a menu and a fish tank with live shrimp in it, but no sign of anywhere to sit and eat. But if you walk down the narrow passage, you reach a nice dining area with tables, a bar and TV screens. Strictly speaking, it probably doesn’t qualify as street food, but the prices are close and the quality is great!

Unassuming frontage of the Love Scene restaurant
What could be down this narrow passageway?
The hidden dining room

I was impressed by the menu. It has photos of the various options, along with descriptions in Thai and English. And it is quite a varied menu, with several items that attracted my interest. But there were a few dishes that featured Snakehead – an Asian predatory fish that has been kept in the aquarium hobby and achieved notoriety a few years ago when they infested US waterways. I’ve seen Snakeheads in aquariums but have never eaten one, so my meal was definitely going to be Snakehead. With several variations, I opted for one that comes in a red curry based soup/broth in a fish-shaped container.

Snakehead served in a soup with veggies

The fish-shaped dish is set over a heating tray with a flame beneath to keep the soup/broth hot. When the dish arrives, the veggies are still raw, but they cook in the red-curry broth whilst at the table. The fish itself was delicious and the broth and veggies just added to the experience.

What was left when I was finished with it

As you can see from the photo above, the place was almost empty when I visited. But I’m told that it gets very busy in the early hours of the morning, when patrons leave the nearby Soi Cowboy entertainment complex.

I was impressed by my Snakehead dish and will probably return to the Love Scene, to try some of their other dishes.

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