Antibiotics in Manila

After ten days dealing with a sore throat and a cough, and a rough day and a half stuck in my room, feeling like crap, I decided that it was time to get some antibiotics to get this thing sorted out.

It started whilst I was in Bangkok as a sore throat but then progressed to a cough. Symptoms gradually got worse over the past few days, to a point where I hardly left my room yesterday, hardly ate anything all day, and generally felt lethargic with a bit of a temperature, a dizzy head and no appetite. When things hadn’t improved this morning, I headed to the pharmacy.

In Thailand, antibiotics can be bought over the counter without a prescription. I was hoping that the same might be true in the Philippines. Unfortunately not. The pharmacist informed me that I would need a prescription and pointed me in the direction of Healthway Medical, a couple of blocks away (“walk to McDonalds and then turn right”).

Not sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised to find Healthway Medical to be a very clean and professional operation that could take me as a walk-in customer without any fuss.

Healthway Medical
Healthway Medical

Upon entering the building, I was directed to the reception desk where I explained my situation. I was told that a doctor was available to see me once I’d completed the required forms. After filling in two forms, I was sent around to the nurses station where I was asked a few questions about my symptoms and had my blood pressure checked. Then I was told that I’d be seen in room number 3 and to sit and wait to be called.

Reception and cashier
Nurses Station
Waiting to be seen by the doctor

After a wait of only a couple of minutes, I was called by the doctor and entered consultation room 3. The doctor spoke perfect English. She was quite thorough as she took details of my symptoms, examined me and then issued me with a prescription for Augmentin antibiotics and Fluimucil (to help loosen mucous in my throat). I then headed to the cashier to pay for my doctor’s visit – 400 pesos ($8.33) for a doctors visit. Can’t beat that with a stick!

My prescription

With the prescription in hand, I headed back to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs. The 7-day course of antibiotics cost 994 pesos ($20.70) and the five Fluimucil tablets cost 187.50 pesos ($3.90). Not bad! And hopefully I’ll soon be feeling better and can get to see more of Manila than the inside of my hotel room.

Mercury Drug Pharmacy
Augmentin antibiotics

Addresses for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation in Manila:

Healthway Medical – Units R3 to R8, 8 Adriatico Tower, Padre Faura cor. J. Bocobo Streets, Ermita, Manila

Mercury Drug – 483 Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila



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