White Beach After Dark

When the sun goes down on White Beach, Boracay, the beach walk takes on a different appearance as bars and restaurants compete for the tourist dollar. Even the sand sculptors get in on the action by adding lighting to their ‘I Love Boracay’ sculptures to attract more tips in exchange for photos.


With restaurants and bars every few metres, they are all competing to attract drinkers and diners. Some decorate their spaces with coloured lights, others have live music or ‘fire dancer shows’, others have DJs playing dance music. Restaurants advertise all-you-can-eat buffets. Bars advertise happy hour prices. And all of them seem to have touts standing on the beach path to try to convince passers-by to try their venue. It all contributes to an entertaining experience, albeit you have to constantly say “No thank you” as you walk along the path.

Restaurant on the beach
Lounge chairs on the beach
Lounging on the beach



Inflatable swim rings as decoration

There is a wide variety of food available from local restaurants, with fresh seafood being a favourite.

Steamed lobster with chili sauce
Grilled Lapu Lapu fish

Above video: One of several fire dancer shows that take place nightly at various restaurants.

Above video: The fire dancers like to wave the fiery balls over the heads of diners. Clearly no health and safety regulations to worry about!


Above video: For those who stay out past midnight, the party gets into full swing with music and dancing.

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