Train to Tamsui

I rode the MRT train to the north of the city this afternoon, to visit Tamsui, near the mouth of the Tamsui River. Unfortunately, rainy weather and low cloud hampered my visit.

Map showing Tamsui at the northern end of the red MRT line

Tamsui Station is the terminal station on the MRT red line. It is a 35-40 minute ride from the Taipei Main Station. Tamsui is reported to have wonderful sunsets over the river. Its other ‘claim to fame’ is Tamsui Old Street, an old shopping street.

Tamsui (Danzui) map, posted at the MRT station

When I exited the Tamsui Station, it was pouring with rain. Not the best weather for wandering around a shopping street! But, having made the 40-minute journey, I decided to still take a look around. Fortunately, I’d taken my raincoat with me.

Rainy weather outside Tamsui Station
Boats at their moorings on the waterfront
Raincoats or umbrellas required

I split my time wandering along the waterfront and the Old Street. Neither stretch was very busy. Likely due to a combination of the rain and it being a weekday. I understand that the area gets very busy on weekends when the weather is good.

There are some street food outlets – but not many
Squid, shrimp or crab?
Shops along the waterfront
Tamsui Old Street
Old temple on Old Street
Inside the temple
A door panel in the temple
Cloudy weather over the river
Small waves roll up a slip
Part of the waterfront walk

I didn’t find much to entertain me in Tamsui, so didn’t stay for long. But I did have a couple of draft beers at a small bar that specialises in craft beers. The draft beers were from a Taiwanese brewery and were quite nice. The young man working in the bar was very pleasant and I enjoyed having a conversation with him. He is hoping to become an airline pilot, so I wish him success in his endeavours.

Small bar selling craft beer


Small Weissbeer
Current bar-tender and future airline pilot

With the rain still falling, I took a train ride back to Taipei Main Station and then walked to my hotel. Looks like it might be a quiet night watching TV in the hotel.

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