Final Days of the Trip

A final day in Bangkok and an overnight stay in Crawley, near London Gatwick Airport, bring this 3.5 month trip to an end.

I decided to use my final day in Bangkok to load up on some great Thai food. As my last day fell on a Sunday, I was able to pay a second visit to the Taling Chan weekend floating market. Regular readers of the blog may recall my previous post on the market and how much I enjoyed my visit. Eating food at the market feels like an authentic Thai experience, sitting on the floor at low tables and eating amongst the locals. Very enjoyable!

Two vendors sell food from their boats

There are vendors around the market selling a variety of food so, rather than ordering a full meal from one vendor, different elements of the meal are ordered from different vendors with each vendor delivering to the table. I opted for a spicy papaya salad, some grilled squid and an assortment of vegetables. And a bottle of Heineken to wash it all down.

Spicy papaya salad
Grilled squid
Basket of tempura-type veggies plus some fresh veggies


Grilled seafood
Shrimp and shellfish
Noodle vendor
Grilled Snakehead fish
Papaya salad vendor
Inside the market
Siamese Fighting Fish for sale inside plastic water bottles at the market

In the evening, I popped to Soi 11 (Sukhumvit) which is close to the condo I was renting. I picked up some street food from one of the vendors and took it back to the condo to eat. I got more papaya salad, some beef soup, some grilled beef with dip and a small bag of sticky rice.

Take-away street food: soup, papaya salad, grilled beef
The street food, plated and ready to eat

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed eating street food during this trip, primarily in Thailand and Taiwan. I’m going to miss it.

On Monday, I commenced the lengthy journey home with a 13-hour flight with British Airways, direct from Bangkok to London Heathrow. Unfortunately, I picked up some food poisoning whilst on the flight that resulted in vomiting and diarrhea that lasted into the early hours of Tuesday. I ate Asian street food for months without any problems and then I get sick from eating airline food on a major airline!

The cold British weather was immediately evident as I left the airplane and walked through the gate bridge. I overnighted at a Premier Inn hotel near to Gatwick Airport in preparation for the final leg of the journey today (Tuesday). This morning was cold and misty – a complete contrast to the Asian weather that I’ve enjoyed for three months. And the full English breakfast was also quite a contrast to the food I’ve been enjoying.

Cold misty British weather



English breakfast

Today’s 7-hour British Airways flight will take me directly to Bermuda and the trip will have finally ended.

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