A New Life in Europe

After months of planning, we have made the move to Europe, where we plan to spend our retirement and a new phase in our lives.

I have lived in Bermuda for almost 33 years, whilst Bev has called Bermuda home for her entire life. We had therefore accumulated lots of ‘stuff’ that had to be either sold, dumped, donated or put into storage before we could make the move. That turned out to be quite an undertaking. We started selling personal items about six months ago, starting with smaller items. We listed individual items online. As our departure date drew closer, we started to clear out furniture and other everyday items and held two ‘Leaving Sale’ open houses to clear out items. Despite the early start, we were still busily clearing out items on our last day in Bermuda! Items that we want to hold onto have been put into storage in Bermuda until we find a permanent home in Europe.

Our small storage locker in Bermuda

Whilst Bev and I plan to spend our retirement in Europe, Michele is tagging along with us for a couple of years until she finishes her university studies. And Ethan will be spending the summer with us before returning to Bermuda when school resumes. So four of us commenced the journey from Bermuda with a mini-mountain of ‘essential’ luggage to see us through the first 6-12 months. Fortunately, we will not be lugging all of this baggage from country to country. Much of it will be placed into storage in Porto, where we can access it as necessary.

All of this luggage is ours!

Our first stop is in Porto, Portugal, where we will spend the first month. We have a nice apartment with three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms that will be home for the month of July. We haven’t even begun to explore the city yet, beyond the nearby grocery store, but we are looking forward to experiencing Porto in the days to come.

Ethan loves the new apartment


Master Suite
Closets and bathroom in master suite
Second bedroom
And Ethan gets his own bedroom
Some local produce to close out our first night in Porto

Let the adventure begin……


  1. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop. Looking forward to learning how the adventure unfolds with time. It goes without saying that we all wish you every success and happiness.

  2. Best of luck Craig- I ride my Harley quite often on the continent, so let us all know where you settle and will rock by for a cup of tea! Cheers Andy Hancock

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