Flintstone House

Perched on the top of a mountain, the Casa do Penedo (Rock House) looks like something out of a Flintstones movie. This unusual house has been built (squeezed) between four huge boulders that now form part of its structure. Its only neighbours are a group of wind turbines that attest to the breeziness of its elevated location.

Version 2

Apparently, it was built by a Portuguese engineer (between 1972-1974) and was used as a holiday home for a while. Unfortunately, it was subjected to vandalism and break-ins and, more recently, has become a tourist attraction. No longer used as a residence, the house has been turned into a small, private museum.

Security measures include a steel door, bullet-proof windows and bars on the window. And the property is now surrounded by a barbed wire fence that significantly limits the view for those who make the trek to see the building.


Whilst the view of the house is somewhat distant and restricted, there are some nice scenic views of the surrounding countryside.


For those who may be interested in taking a drive to see the house, it is located in the general area of Fafe, and close to the village of Pereira. It can be accessed from a couple of directions but I followed directions from my TomTom that took me through Pereira on paved roads, except for the final 200-300 metres which was a gravel road. Directions can be obtained using GPS navigators or Google maps (search for Casa do Penedo).

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 12.56.01 AM

The house can be reached in about one hour from Porto, if using the motorways. We rode my motorcycle there, using the smaller N-roads, which extends the journey to about two hours, each way. We covered a total of 113 miles (181km) during the trip.



For photos of what the interior of the house looked like in 2014, click this link


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