Rox Risers

The off-road riding course that I recently completed confirmed what I already suspected. The handlebars on my BMW F800GS Adventure were too low to comfortably ride whilst standing. A simple modification appears to have rectified that issue.

I decided to buy some handlebar risers to increase the height of the standard bars. An online search revealed that BMW after-market specialists Touratech and Wunderlich both sell risers, but they only increase the handlebar height by 20mm. I doubted that would be a sufficient increase for me. Then I located risers made by Rox that increase bar height by 44.5mm (approx 1 3/4 inches).

I ordered a set of Rox risers from AltRider for €91.96 and they were delivered a few days later. Installation was quite simple. The handlebars are removed from the standard clamps and the Rox risers are secured in their place. The handlebars are then fitted to the top of the risers, which can be pivoted forwards or backwards to achieve the desired position.


I set my risers so that they clamped my handlebars up and slightly rearward from their original position. I then rolled the bars forwards slightly, so that the clutch and brake levers were pointing slightly downwards, providing a better position for when riding in a standing position.

The two photos above show a comparison of the standing riding position between the handlebars with the standard clamps (on the left) and with the Rox risers installed (on the right). I think you can see that the Rox risers result in a more upright riding position. I haven’t been able to take the bike off-road since the modification, but I expect to have a more comfortable standing riding position.

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