EZ-GPSMount for Goldwing

Whilst my 2007 Wing has the Honda satellite-navigation system fitted, I prefer to use my TomTom Rider 550, due to the extra features that it offers. When I researched mounting options, almost all of them fitted the sat-nav to the handlebars, which means looking down to see the screen. I wanted something that mounted above the dash, so that it was easier to see.
The only mounting option that I could find that met my requirements was the EZ-GPSMount. They are only available in the USA but they can be shipped to Europe. Unfortunately, items being shipped to Portugal from the USA tend to be delayed for a few weeks and are then subject of a sizeable import duty levied by the customs department. Without any European options, I bit the bullet and ordered one from the US.
The mount is basically two metal plates that attach to the vent on a Goldwing’s windshield, whilst retaining full use of the vent. Being attached to the windshield, the GPS unit is in an elevated position that can be easily viewed whilst riding.
Fitment was very easy. The two plates are attached to each other with a bolt and wing-nut. There is a second bolt with a plastic sleeve that is used as a stability adjuster.
The mount and TomTom do ‘bounce’ a little bit when riding over bumps or on rough cobbled streets, but on normal roads the TomTom remains stable and there is no vibration. Visibility of the unit is excellent and it can be seen at a glance, without having to take your eyes off the road for long. The EZ-GPSMount puts the TomTom exactly where I wanted it.  A good purchase!


      1. Hi, did you find that his sat-nav mount was easy to fit,

        thanks for your reply it looks like I shall order one from him

        Cheers from Brian

    1. Hi thanks for all your info on the sat-nav mount, I have emailed Kevin with a couple of points and hopefully he will get back to me so I can order it.

      Thanks again for all your help

      Cheers from Brian.

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