Museu do Caramulo

Located 112km south of Porto, The Museu do Caramulo provided a good destination for a motorcycle ride with Ethan. Motorways make up much of the route, so we were able to cover each leg in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Whilst the museum’s main focus is vintage cars and motorcycles, it also includes displays of vintage toys and art. The toys and art galleries are in the main two-storey building whilst the vintage vehicles are in an adjacent building.

Ethan enjoyed looking at the old toys, particularly the toy soldiers. There was also a good selection of space-related toys, including characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, etc. A couple of Meccano sets brought back childhood memories for me and Ethan seemed bemused that I would spend hours bolting pieces of metal together for fun.


At the time of our visit, there was a temporary exhibit of Bugatti cars. For us, the highlights were a Type 35B race car and a matching electric-powered children’s toy car (the Baby).


The art galleries contained a variety of works, from bishops vestments to modern art. No photos are permitted in the art galleries.

But the main attraction for us was in the second building, where the cars and motorcycles were on display. There weren’t many motorcycles, but those that were there date back to 1911 and most of them were pre-world war II. There were only two modern bikes on display, but they were notable machines: A 1992 Honda NR750 (RC40) that is one of only 300 street machines that were manufactured; and a 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo – a rare production bike with only 1,777 built.


There was a lovely selection of vintage cars dating from the early 20th century, including a few Rolls Royce.


The post-war era is ably represented by some lovely sports cars, race cars and rally cars.


Overall, a nice collection of vehicles that was well worth a visit.

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