Góis Motorcycle Rally

As soon as we rode into town, I could tell that this was a large gathering. There were cars and bikes parked alongside the roads with crowds of people standing around. And we hadn’t even reached the event site. The small town of Góis has a population around 4,260 but the Góis Moto Clube’s 26th International Motorcycle Concentration was expected to attract 20,000 visitors.

The rally is held annually, on the third weekend of August. This year, it ran from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 18th. I met up with fellow Goldwing Club members Marco, Patricia and Licinio on the Saturday morning, to ride down from Porto.


The rally is held in a lovely location, spread along both sides of a river that has several sandy beaches. There are plenty of bars and places to eat throughout the venue and riverside trees help to mitigate the summer heat.


There were plenty of vendor stalls selling motorcycle related merchandise – hats, shirts, leather vests, patches, belts, boots, helmets and much more. There was even a guy carving art with a chainsaw!


And, of course, there were bikes. Lots of bikes! They were parked wherever space could be found around the venue and the surrounding streets. Here is a small selection of bikes that caught my eye.


Saturday also featured a custom bike competition, with a nice variety of bikes on display. They were competing in various categories, including Old School, Custom, Cafe Racer, Rat, Chopper, Street-fighter and Harley.


We also got to enjoy an entertaining trial demonstration that featured a trials bike and a bicycle, riding and jumping over obstacles. Towards the end, volunteers from the crowd lay on the ground so that the bikes could jump over them. Not me!


Many people spend a few days at the site, camping and enjoying the various activities. There is a large covered stage where live bands play nightly, but we were just there for a day-trip and had to get home. But it was a very enjoyable day out with friends and well worth the visit.

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