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This blog was created to document my 2014 overland trip to Russia, Central Asia and Europe, as well as the preparations for the trip. That trip has been completed, and my Land Rover has been sold, but I am continuing to use the blog to document my ongoing travels.

My five and a half month overland adventure to Europe, Russia and Central Asia in my Land Rover Defender concluded in September 2014. I provided regular blog updates throughout the trip that can be found here.

Almost at the top - Kaldama Pass
Almost at the top – Kaldama Pass

I encountered some challenges getting a Land Rover prepared for the trip – and had to start fresh with a second Defender, learning a few hard lessons along the way! The story of my trials and tribulations can be found on the Vehicle page.

You’ll find lots of blog posts that contain photos of the various places that I visited. Click on the Travel Locations category links to find the posts that interest you – or use the search feature on the right.


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We didn't need to cross the bridge, but did so anyway!
We didn’t need to cross the bridge, but did so anyway!

Kitting out the Land Rover entailed buying various bits of equipment. The kit that I’ve bought is detailed on the Equipment page and also in various blog posts. There is also an Equipment category for blog posts to make finding them easier.

If you are new to the blog, you might find it easier to start out with the ‘Recent Posts’, or the posts for the most recent month. Alternately, you can use the search feature or click on one of the categories to find blogs that are of specific interest to you. Either way, I hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures.

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  1. Hello,best of luck on your trip, I am Jealous. I did the something similiar last summer travelling 10 counries across europe in one month with my wife and 3 kids in our 1993 Defender 110 200tdi that I spent 3 years rebuilding starting with a new chassis. It was a fantastic trip. We left Ireland in May and visited Wales, England, France, Belguim, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and France again and back to Ireland. Only problem was a problematic Alternator which I should have changed before I left. Anyhow, I will be following you and I look forward to reading your posts. My blog should still be up if you wissh to view it. http://www.bradleylandroverchallenge.com

    With Regards

    Seamus Dooley


      1. Hello Craig,
        I need to speak with you about getting my bikes from US to Portugal and getting registrations and plates. I have heard stories about waiting 8 months get paperwork to get plates. Not what I want to hear or experience!!

      2. Neal, hire a professional do do the paperwork for you. It will be done within a week. Once you have the documents, you take them to a local shop and have them make a plate for you whilst you wait.

      1. Dont hesitate to contact me at any time and from any place 🙂 . Planning to travel to and through China in 2017. Atle C.G.

  2. Hey Craig, looks like things are going pretty good. That steak looks mouth watering.
    Charles and I have finally chosen the Cuba travel dates. We leave Bermuda on May 11th and return on May 21st.
    The dedicated three, Stefan, Gemma and Jason are still showing up on a regular basis. Forty has organized an event for May 10th and we expect Stephan to participate. It will depend on his sore right hand which he said he injured during training. We will make that call later.
    Safe travel on your next phase.


  3. Hi Mannix,

    Thanks for keeping me updated. Have a god time in Cuba.

    I’m sorry to say that I haven’ t been able to fit in a single workout in four weeks. I must try to find time 🙂

  4. You produced some decent points there. I looked on the net to the problem and discovered many people goes together with along along with your web site. fefckeddgeda

  5. Hi Craig, congrats on your retirement and hope your trip goes well. I’m currently working on the Georgia / Abkhazia boundary with the EUMM – so if for some reason you have to detour to Western Georgia give me a shout. Regards Meirion “taffy” Roberts.

  6. Hi Craig and Klaus,
    Now that I am in recovery mode, I have been able to catch up and read your prior blogs. Joy showed me how to sign up so I can get updates regularly.

    Be safe and stay healthy. Take care.

    sunta aka kj’s mom

  7. Certainly beats driving up and down North Shore Road!! Have a great time Craig.
    Dusty and Mike,
    71. Front Street.

  8. Hi Sir! How are you? Hope you reached Charyn well… i am the one you meet at car wash couple of weeks ago (Lexus)))).
    Wishing you good luck and green light on the road!!!
    Baur KZ

    1. Hi Baur, good to hear from you.

      We had a wonderful time at Charyn Canyon on Friday and Saturday but, because of the rainy weather on Saturday, we decided to leave the area early and cross into Kyrgyzstan, as that would allow us to see the Karakol animal market which is only open on Sundays. I hope that you and your family got to see the canyon, as planned.

      Best wishes,


  9. Hi Craig

    During the research for our further route on our cycling trip through Mongolia we have found your blog post from Dorgon Nuur.

    As you have already mentioned it in the blog, is really “the road less travelled” and it’s quite hard to find some acurate information. But maybe you can help us;-)?

    So, what we need to know:
    Do you remember the road conditions? Very sandy? Possible by bicycle? Which will be the longest distance without water?
    Do you perhaps still have the gps track and do you want to share it with us?

    Your help is really very appreciated and we are looking forward to hear from you!

    Always good travels and kind regards
    Brigitte & Ivo

    1. Hello Brigitte & Ivo,

      Let me first say that I am amazed that people cycle across Mongolia. It is a large open country, with a lot of dirt tracks for roads, yet we saw several cyclists slowly crossing the country whilst we were there. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those of you who make the trek by bicycle!

      Regarding your question, we didn’t actually drive to Dorgon Nuur, so I wouldn’t be able to tie you any first-hand information. The ‘Road Less Travelled’ blog entry gives some information on how we drove towards the smaller of the two Khan Nuurs after receiving a tip from a local about a river that runs out of the base of a sand dune. We didn’t actually get to the small lake because our primary goal was to get to the larger Khan Nuur, which we mistakenly understood to have been described as the most beautiful spot in Mongolia. We later realised that it was the smaller Khan Nuur that was being described as such. Had we realised that, we would have pushed on to access the smaller Khan Nuur and would have skipped the larger lake altogether.

      Dorgon Nuur is to the south of the larger Khan Nuur. I’d have to pull out my paper Mongolia map to check, but I think the lake can be reached by road but I can’t help with road condition for that specific lake.

      I’ll contact you directly via e-mail with further information.

  10. Remarkable journey. Piece of cake, crossing East Ukraine, after your historical back-o-town jaunts in Bermuda, no doubt. Am sure your Missus was not in the least fearful. Good luck, Craig
    – Neil

    1. Thanks Neil. It was an amazing journey. I didn’t feel unsafe at any point of the journey. The world isn’t as dangerous as the news reports and government websites would have us believe. I found friendly and helpful people everywhere I went.

  11. Hi Craig, Justin and Jen here – met you all the way back there at the Oasis guest house in Mongolia.. We have parked up for the winter in the UK before another forray into Europe next year. As such I’ve been spending some time reading blogs of those kindred travelling spirits we’ve met along the way! great to see your journey was a safe one and included so many amazing experiences.. All the very best for your future adventures – kind regards Justin and Jen.. http://www.globatrol.com

  12. Bom dia Craig,
    Do you have the name of such a “professional” to do my legal paperwork to get motorcycles into Portugal with registartions so that I may get plates and ride fairly immediately?
    muito obrigado

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